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This orphanage (Balasramam) is named after “Sree Poornathrayeesan” the principle deity of the very famous and ancient temple. “The Poornathrayeesha Temple”. Sree Poornathrayeesan is the family deity of the Royal family of Cochin Maharaja’s.They were the rulers of the erstwhile Cochin State. The installation of this temple deity believed to be done by Arjuna-the madhyama Pandava and is popularly being worshipped as the “Sandhana Gopala Moorthy”. The Temple as well as our Asramam is situated in the heart of the Tripunithura Town, Ernakulam District of Kerala State, India. This temple city is famous for its cultural background also.

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Viswa Hindu Parishad is an International Organization registered during 1964 at Bombay of the Maharashtra State. The promoters of the Organization were very eminent persons like Gurudev Chinmayanandji, Guruji Madhava Sadhasiva Golwalkar, Dharasingh, H.H.Maharaja of Mysore Jayaram Raja Wadiar, His Holiness Dalailama, Jagadguru Shri.Sankaracharya etc. The Principal aim of this organization is the alround upliftment of the Hindus world wide spreaded over 110 countries achieving the unity of Hindus in the world over. The Kerala State unit of the Viswa Hindu Parishad was organized and inaugurated on 11th December 1965 at Guruvayoor by Sri. Mannath Padmanabhan in Hindu Sammelan. The activities of the Organization includes welfare activities of the Adivasies (Tribals) Organizing of free medical camps , all types of relief works, formation and management of Schools/Orphanages , old age homes etc. The Ernakulam District unit of the Viswa Hindu Parishad is also doing the above activities through its welfare wing called Dharma Charitable Trust. This Balasramam functions under the direct control of Dharma Charitable Trust.