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Institute an endowment in the name of your beloved ones. Help us to meet our routine day to day expenditure as noted below: (a) Monthly expenses for the Ashram - INR 50,000/- (b) Expense for an inmate for one year - INR 15,000/- (c) Expense for an inmate for one month - INR 1,500/- - (d) Annadanam - INR 2,500/-  (e) One set uniform for one child - INR 500/- (f) Breakfast Rs: 1,500/- (g) Evening snacks Rs 1,500/-. (h) Expense for one day  Rs: 6,000/-  .This is how you can help us- We offer unlimited option to cooperate with us in this noble cause. Donation by cash (any amount) or by kind like new clothes, bed sheets Study materials, Furniture, Rice and provision etc. are most welcome.

Kindly make a visit with the spirit of a pilgrim to the balasramam with family and bless our  children for a quiet and happy life. We welcome your valuable suggestions and advice