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BALAKARUNYAM;--  (Sep; 5th to 7 th- 2011) The  annual festival conducted together by all the ashrams  under VHP during Onam  season was celebrated at Sree Poornathrayeesha Balasramam this year.  All children in  every ashram took part in various programmes  and staged their artistical talents with high enthusiasm.  Apart from getting an opportunity  to perform their programmes,they were provided with ONASADHYA &ONAKKODY much to their pleasure.  This celebration paved the way to know each other and to share their experiences and to awake their dormant artistical talent.

ONAM CELEBRATION:--(Sep 9) Onam also celebrated with splendour as usual. The inmates in their new dress welcomed Mahabali with a wonderful POOKKALAM.  Afterwards they had a sumptous meal (Ona  Sadya) . They were taken to view movies and circus during the rest of onam holidays.

DEEPAVALI:-(October 26) :Celebration of Deepavali is a great joyful occasion to children. Awake in early morning they visited the temple wearing new dress. Breakfast included deepavali sweets  and afterwardsthey cracked fire works . In the evening there was a procession  of children attired in Godly dress are carrying the paper dummy of Narakasura. Finally they set ablazed the dummy marking the rememberance of  Narakasuravadha by Lord SREEKRISHNA.  There was also a Bhajan concert by children afterwards.

VISIT TO WONDERLA -   During October we had made a visit to Veegaland which was a pleasure trip for children in all sense.  In the transport itself they  expressed their thrill ny singing , dancing and make fun of  each other etc. They utilised all the available facilities for playing, swimming etc . They enjoyed with great pomp & pleasure.